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Pomegranate Soy Wax Melts

Pomegranate Soy Wax Melts

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These luxurious soy wax melts, inspired by the exotic and sensual scent of pomegranate, a fruit known for its abundance of love-inducing nutrients. The rich, juicy notes of pomegranate are paired with tempting patchouli and amber accords to create an uplifting fragrance that transforms any space into a warm romantic retreat. Experience pure bliss as you melt these precious wax melts to create a warm ambiance around you as you relax.


Top: Pomegranate

Middle: Patchouli

Base: Amber accords

Size: 6 cubes | 110g

Usage: We recommend using UK average tealights in your wax burner. You should get enough fragrance from each cube for at least 2 tealights.

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CLP label information: May cause an allergic reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Avoid release to the environment. IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water. If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice/attention. Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site, in accordance with local regulations. Contains (1S, 2R, 5S, 7R, 8R)-8-METHOXY-2,6,6,8-TETRAMETHYLTRICYCLO[^{1,5}] UNDECANE,:)-1-(2,6,6-TRIMETHYL-1,3-CYCLOHEXADIEN-1-YL)-2-BUTEN-1-ONE, EUGENC PENTADECALACTONE, TETRAMETHYL ACETYLOCTAHYDRONAPHTHALENES. May produce an allergic reaction.

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