How To Get The Most From Your Soy Candle - A Blog About Luxury Candle Care

How To Get The Most From Your Soy Candle - A Blog About Luxury Candle Care

So your currently asking yourself how you came to be reading a blog post on how you care for a candle. Well I'm about to give you some invaluable knowledge when it comes to the world of candle burning!

So let's get started! 


The first time you light your candle will always be the most crucial. If you want to get the best results from your candle you   should firstly make sure your soy candle   wick is trimmed to a few mm before  lighting  and secondly, ensure you burn it  for  a minimum of 3 hours. This will prevent  the candle tunnelling and you missing out  on a whole load of luxury scent (which is  why you bought the candle in the first  place!) 

Always ensure your candle is placed out of the path of any draughts or wind as this can be a fire hazard and also cause an uneven burn. Always burn your candle away from any pets or children.

luxury-soy-candle-care-glasgow Once you've burnt the candle for an   optimum of 3-4 hours you can then   extinguish it preferably by smothering the   wick. Otherwise, carefully blow out the   candle to prevent wax spillage. 
 Once you've used your candle for the first   time, you must ensure you trim the wick to   a few mm between every burn before   lighting. Getting rid of excess wick and   debris will ensure the flame remains at a safe height and burns steadily. It also prevents ugly debris falling into that smooth creamy luxury soy wax. 
It is best practice to store your candle in a cool or average heated room out of direct sunlight, this helps preserve the soy candle scent. We advise using all candles within 12 months of first lighting them.

And finally try not to burn your candle for over 4.5 hours at a time as they are not designed to be lit for this long and the wick could start sooting.

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