Candles - Set the Mood & Engage the Senses. Couples Night

Candles - Set the Mood & Engage the Senses. Couples Night

Candles - Set the Mood & Engage the Senses

It is nearly time for Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, but creating a perfect night if you are weighed down by the trials of life, battling small children to bed or shattered from work can make you feel like not bothering. It doesn’t matter if you have been with your one and only for five months or five decades, it is still lovely to spend a romantic evening together, and February 14th can give you the perfect excuse.


Glasgow Handmade Luxury Glass Soy Wax Candle Women Blowing Out Aromatyk Candle

Our Most Powerful Sense

Of all the five senses, our olfactory or sense of smell is one of the most effective in altering our mood. If you have ever got a waft of lavender perfume or smelled biscuits cooking and been transported back to your childhood watching your nanna in the kitchen, your sense of smell has created nostalgia and sent you back to reminisce. The aromas of a room can distract the brain from everything else that is going on in life and take you to the perfect mood in moments.



Aromatyk Handmade Glasgow Natural Wax Soy Scented Luxury Candle

The Power of Fragrance

Creating the happy olfactory response is one of the reasons we love what we do. Carefully prepared fragrances are woven into our candles and could be the perfect way to set the mood this valentines day. Not only can you have gentle lighting to create a warm romantic glow, but you can enjoy a scent that will help you relax and settle into the mood of the evening. If you find that after a long day, you are simply too tired or cannot switch off from work, try the scented candle and let your senses prove just how wonderful they can be.


Lovers Couple Sharing Moment with Rose and Aromatyk Handmade Natural Wax Candle

Top Romantic Scents


The most obvious scent for setting the romantic scene is rose, as it has a delicate scent, and the flower symbolises love. Jasmine is a slightly stronger exotic smell, but it is intoxicating and has a sweet aroma that makes you fall in love. If you like the sugary sweetness of vanilla, you are in luck, as this is thought to be an aphrodisiac scent that can help the mood. Musk is another good choice; it is earthy and sensual and could perfectly set the mood for your evening of romance. Of course, the smell is a personal choice, so the best advice is to allow yourself to be drawn to a candle that appeals to your olfactory senses.


Aromatyk Customers Enjoying Prosecco and Papaya With Aromatyk Natural Wax Candle 

Staging the Room

Staging the room doesn’t have to be lots of effort or take ages to clean up either. It can be simple and romantic all at the same time. One setting that goes well with candlelight is the carpet picnic. It also means you can prepare the food in advance and not feel like you are spending the night cooking. Of course, for really low effort food preparation, order in! All you need are some candles, placed safely where they won’t be knocked over and away from little people and pets, and a blanket for your feast. After that all you need to do is enjoy each other and your time together.



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