Benefits of Natural Coconut Wax Candles to Your Home

Benefits of Natural Coconut Wax Candles to Your Home

Benefits of Natural Coconut Wax Candles

If you are a fan of candles (and let's admit it, we all are), then the good news for you is that there are lots of different candles that you can choose from. Different colours, different styles and of course different scents. But did you know that you can also choose from a variety of waxes for your candle too?

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The vast majority of candles that are out there on the market are made from paraffin wax. This is because it is a cheaper option than other forms of wax and is easier to work with. However, paraffin wax does have its drawbacks, which is why other candle manufacturers choose alternative wax materials for their candles. 

An example of this is coconut wax candles. But what makes them such a good idea?

They are amazing, naturally.

Handmade in Glasgow Smooth Tops Natural Luxury Scented Soy Wax Candle

Coconut wax candles are made from high burn coconut oil which means that it has a cream to pure white colour when they are set. Of course, you can choose to add colours to them (and they take them really well like other waxes), but if you like things as natural as possible, then you can leave them as they are.

Another great thing about coconut wax candles is that you don't have to worry about them smelling only like coconut, as they are actually odourless and can be fragranced as needed. 

They are kinder to the environment

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Of course, burning anything Will release other fumes into the air, but coconut wax candles are known to be much cleaner to burn than those made from paraffin and soy. They don't produce much soot either, which keeps your surfaces as clean as possible. 

They are kinder to the environment as they burn and as they are made too. The candle wax is made from an entirely natural process and organic and renewable material. This means that it will have a truly minimal impact on the environment. 

They burn.....slowly

When you find a great candle, you will want it to last forever. Unfortunately, even the best things won't last forever. But coconut candles can last a long time. Much longer than standard wax candles that may only burn for a couple of hours. 

This means that you get to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of your candle for much longer, and, in turn, you don't have to buy them as often. Because you are saving money on buying fewer candles thanks to their long burn time, you can afford to splash out and treat yourself to a luxurious candle that you might not otherwise have bought. 

Handmade Natural Glasgow Soy Wax Scented Luxury Candles

As you can see, there are many reasons to buy coconut wax candles. However, the only way to find out whether or not they are going to be right for you is to buy one for yourself and try it out at home. We can promise you that you won't want to go back once you try coconut wax. 

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